Wool & The Gang Sweet Intuition Scarf Kit

Last week, on a dry but misty and cold autumn day a parcel was delivered to my door. Yes, it was the most perfectly packaged crochet kit from Wool & The Gang!IMG_1776

I was sent the Sweet Intuition Scarf kit to review and I have to say, I am now a WATG convert. I am completely besotted and in love with the Crazy Sexy Wool that was included in my kit. It is luxurious yet keeps it natural texture of the 100% Peruvian wool.
I initially wanted to make my scarf in their scrumptious ‘Bronzed Olive’ colourway which is the most gorgeous shade of Mustard Yellow. Unfortunately, in fact, fortunately for me this colour was out of stock so I “ummed” and “aahhed” over the neutral pastels, but settled on ‘Cinnamon Dust’ and I am so pleased I did. The colour is to die for. It is rich, and deep. Sort of like a burnt orange.

It is the perfect autumnal colour. It is even more gorgeous in person too!!
The pattern itself is simple, the instructions are clear and there are even little diagrams so that even those with the most basic of crochet knowledge could follow it.
I snuggled myself up under a blanket, lit a scrummy spiced apple candle, put on netflix and then made a start on my new scarf.


I am a speedy crocheter and had this finished in just over an hour. I wish it had taken longer because I was just enjoying the combination of this natural wool against the natural bamboo crochet hook. (anyone else LOVE the sound of wool against a bamboo or wooden hook?? Just me??)


The day my Sweet Intuition Scarf had it’s first outing I had SO many compliments. It was a perfect autumn day, you know the ones where you can still sit outside to enjoy a coffee, it’s cool enough for a scarf but warm enough for just a long sleeved t-shirt with it. I love the colour even more against the monochrome stripes!


All in all, I am very impressed with the team at Wool & The Gang, I highly recommend the yarn, and particularly the kits!! I am looking forward to working with this brand again in the future!

Be back soon with all the yarny talk!

A x


Even Moss tutorial and FREE Cosy Scarf pattern

Hey everyone!

Thanks for coming back! I am so excited to share this stitch tutorial and free pattern with you all. It’s a nice easy stitch and repetitive pattern that gives such a lovely effect and finish to your work.
The design process behind the Cosy Scarf was a pretty straight forward one. I trialled lots of different stitches but in the end after a lot of frogging I decided making it up as I was going along was the best way to go. I wanted a fairly wide and long scarf that draped nicely around the neck.

***UPDATE – The stitch is called even moss stitch or crunch stitch***


Materials needed –
4 x Rowan Brushed Fleece (65% wool, 30% alpaca, 5% polyamide) 50g. Shade 00269
10mm crochet hook
Yarn needle

Tension –
ch 24 to measure approx 30cm
I used a 10mm hook for this project although the yarn states a 6mm as I wanted the scarf to flow, nobody wants a rigid scarf around their neck!

Pattern notes –
On each row you will work the opposite from what you have just worked, for example if you started your row with a htr you will end on an htr and start the next row with a slst.
Ch1 at the start of alternate rows does not count as a stitch throughout.
Always work slst straight into the last stitch made after turning at the beginning of a row without chaining.
Keep your slst loose throughout.

Row 1 – Ch24, htr in second ch from hook and slst in the next stitch. *htr, slst* repeat from * to * to the end of the row. Turn
Row 2 – Without making any chains, slst straight into last htr of previous row and htr in next st. *slst, htr* repeat from * to * to the end of the row. Ch 1 (does not count as stitch) turn.
Row 3 – Htr in same st as ch 1, slst into next. *htr, slst* repeat from * to * to the end of the row. Turn.
Repeat rows 2 and 3 alternately until you get your desired length. I used all of 4 balls which made 197 rows.  Remember to always work a htr into a slst from the previous row and vice versa.

See video tutorial for extra help with the slant stitch.

Finish off by weaving in all ends. I initially planned on adding tassels to this scarf but as I wanted the stitch to be the main feature, I decided against it but by all means, add tassels or pom-poms to finish off your scarf and make it truly unique.


Knitcraft for Hobbycraft yarn reviews

Last month I was asked by Knitcraft HQ if I would like to become a Knitcraft Ambassador. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. Hobbycraft have recently started getting lots of fabulous new yarns in store and online and I get to try them and review them first! So exciting.

The first package arrived, including all Knitcraft own brand. ‘Hug it out’, ‘Leader of the Pac’, ‘Funky Chunky’, ‘Do the Twist’ and ‘Cotton blend’.

The first on my hook was inevitably the ‘Hug it Out’ – a super chunky 100% acrylic yarn that comes in a 200g ball and an array of gorgeous colours, perfect for autumn/winter knits! With this I designed and made a roll neck jumper, the pattern will be available for free on the Hobbycraft blog very soon!

I also started to make an animal cowl, but ran out of yarn mid way through… Another WIP to add to the ever growing pile!

The second yarn I tried was the absolutely stunning ‘Leader of the Pac’ an acrylic/alpaca mix. So soft to the touch and works up beautifully. I made two different styles of bonnet for my toddler hat will be staples in her autumn/winter wardrobe this year!

I am yet to try ‘Do the twist’ and ‘Cotton blend’ but much like the others they are soft to the touch, affordable and both come in lots of different colours to suit your projects.

I have just started working with ‘Funky Chunky’ and it is honestly nothing like anything I have worked with before. It’s got a sort of shine to it, it’s silky and twisted quite loosely. I’m attempting my first ever pair of crocheted socks with it, I have a thing for socks, slipper socks especially so I’m hoping this yarn will work up nicely into a nice cosy pair for those wintry evenings!

The second package arrived just a matter of weeks later and inside were yarns from Bernat and Rico Designs including some gorgeous mohair that will be made into something for Christmas, I’ll start to share it’s progress once I’ve tackled the WIP pile.

The first trialled was Bernat Blanket Big, a huge, I mean huge soft and snugly 100% polyester yarn. It comes in 4 colours; Light teal, which is the colour I was given, Mustard, Grey and Hot Pink. I had it in my head that I wanted to really think outside the box with this one and make something that wasn’t your obvious blanket, or cushion. I only had one ball so I decided on a small cushion, then I remembered the cloud cushion I made a few days before and thought I could make a cloud rug instead, which ended up very small, I have now frogged it completely and will rethink. I’ll keep you all updated on that one!!

Also inside this package was another bulky yarn from Bernat, this time Bernat Maker Big which is sort of a fine knitted tube, stuffed with a toy stuffing type material made from cotton and nylon. I was given the colour ‘Sunrise Varg’ and the colourful orange/red blend just screamed out autumn leaves to be so I quickly hooked up a maple leaf. It turned out far too big to do anything with but I’ll frog and remake a few smaller leaves to add to an Autumn wreath perhaps. Anyway, it was great to work with. Anyone who knows me knows I love a chunky yarn and this definitely doesn’t disappoint! It would make a great cushion, or rug I think!



September – This month I’ll be working on lots of new exciting projects. I’m also hoping to get my first ever vlog/podcast done too after being inspired by my good friend Lindsey @Lottieandalbert .  I promise to keep the blog updated more, I always have such fun writing, I just struggle to find the time… especially for the past 6 weeks!!

Be back soon

Amber x

We Are Knitters Sphinx Blanket Kit

Last month I was lucky enough to try out one of the gorgeous kits by We Are Knitters as part of a collaboration with the other page I run, The Mustard Makers Collective.

I chose the Sphinx Blanket in Honey which was the closest to mustard that they do in the super luxurious Peruvian wool. We all know I’m a huge fan of a grellow colour combination so I chose grey to to the pom-pom edge too, which they popped in as an extra on top of what Honey that was needed for the kit. Bonus!

I could barely contain my excitement when it arrived, forget fancy packaging, there’s something so good about brown paper packages (starts singing sound of music), am I right?


Inside the kit were 5 x 200g super chunky balls of The Wool. 100% Peruvian wool, plus the one extra in grey. A beautiful wooden 15mm branded crochet hook, a yarn needle for sewing in those pesky ends which this pattern didn’t actually have many of, double bonus! The pattern itself and a cute embroidered We Are Knitters label.

This yarn is by far the most luxurious I have worked with to date. The natural fibre is so soft, I may have just sat and stroked it against my face for a good half an hour before actually braving taking the label off and starting a ball. You do have to be careful not to work it too much though otherwise the fibres will just break apart. Not a wool for frogging I can assure you!


I chose this pattern over the others because I was so intrigued by the stitches used. Don’t they just look so pretty? I love the fan effect. I wanted to challenge myself a little with this one but actually, the pattern was so simple and began to work up so quickly. Another bonus!! Anyone who knows me, knows I will always favour chunky yarn for this exact reason.


And work up fast, it did. I tried my hardest to take it slowly, I was just picking it up no and then to really enjoy using the yarn but it still worked up fast. In fact, I got to the edging stage within a weekend. Then came the grey. Oh my, the grey. Is it possible that they grey was EVEN softer than the honey. I wished I’d chosen to do the main body of the blanket in the grey and the trim in honey after using the grey but as the project was for The Mustard Makers Collective I thought I should go full on with this mustardy shade. This was just the dreamiest shade of grey, I’d love to make another blanket entirely in this grey. It’s perfect.

sphinx5The pom-pom edge is a fun, quirky way of edging blankets and looks just as good in a cotton dk as it does in The Wool.

The best thing about this was there were hardly any ends to sew in, although I would recommend sewing in your ends when you switch balls rather than crocheting over them because with this yarn being so fibrous it does easily come apart when handled a lot.

The whole project took one bank holiday weekend!!! It has now been packed away in a chest away from small sticky fingers ready to go on our bed when our bedroom is redecorated later on this year.


We Are Knitters have a large selection of different crochet and knitting kits of different skill levels available on their website here. This was listed as intermediate but I totally think a beginner could make this too. You can find the Shpinx Blanket here


A x

Upcycle Project – FREE tutorial

Jazz up an old T-shirt or buy a plain t-shirt and instantly make it super cute with this scalloped collar.

Start by chaining as many as needed to snugly fit around the neckline of your t-shirt. Your starting chain must be a multiple of 4 plus 2 for turning.
My T-shirt is age 4-5 Y and I started with a chain of 32 +2 (note the images in this tutorial show a smaller collar of 28 +2 sts)

Row 1 – htr in 3rd ch from hook and each st across (32 sts)
Row 2 – ch3 (counts as tr) turn. *Skip a stitch tr1, ch2, tr1 in next stitch. Skip 1 stitch, tr in next.* Repeat from * to * to the end of the row.


Row 3 – Ch3 (counts as tr) turn. *(2tr, ch2, 2tr) in chain 2 space from previous row. tr on top of tr post from previous row * repeat from * to * to end of the row.


Row 4 – Change colour here if you wish.unnamed Ch1, dc in same stitch. *Make 8tr in ch 2 space from previous round, dc1 on top of tr post from previous round* Repeat from * to * across.

Fasten off and weave in ends. Then sew on to the neckline of your T-shirt along your first row of Htr.

This is a free pattern, please feel free to sell what you make from this pattern but giving credit to the designer.

Share your makes with me on instagram by tagging them with #mythreadthelove I love to see them!

A x

Chunky Statement Necklace FREE pattern

I’m so excited to be sharing this pattern with you all, after three live tutorials on Instagram it has proved to be very popular and I am already loving seeing everyone’s finished necklaces.

This is a super fast make, the kind of thing you can hook up in every colour to go with every outfit!

Materials needed – 

T-shirt yarn (not much needed, approx 100g)

10mm Crochet hook

Yarn needle


2 wooden beads (optional)

Pattern – 

Start by chaining 21

Row 1 – Dc in second chain from hook and each ch along (20 sts)

Row 2 – Ch3, turn (counts as Tr), skip a stitch, work tr1, ch2, tr1 in the same stitch, skip a stitch then work one tr into the next. Continue this pattern to the end of the row. You should have a total of 5 V’s and end the row on a single Tr.

Row 3 – Ch1, turn. Work 1 dc into same stitch. Now work 5 trebles into the ch2 space of your V from the previous row. Dc 1 on top of single Tr post from previous row. Continue this pattern to the end of the row.

You should have 5 scallops.

Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Cut a length of yarn (this will tie around your neck) thread on to yarn needle and sew along to the back of your first row of dc leaving a long-ish tail. pull ends slightly to give your necklace a more rounded finish. Thread on wooden beads and Voila! How easy was that???

The thing I love most about this necklace is that it’s so versatile. I have made it using Drops Paris which give a much more subtle, pretty look and also in DMC Natura XL which is still a statement!

The only thing I did different using these to yarns was on the last row I made 6tr in V stitch rather than 5.

You can change colour for row 3 for a totally different look too!

Please feel free to make this necklace as much as you want, selling your finished pieces if you wish but giving credit to the me as the designer.

Tag your makes with #mythreadthelove so I can see them 🙂

Happy hooking!!

A x